Faculty Profile

Lorina A. Galvez

Assistant Professor

Food Science

Research Interest

  • Product development of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. with the application of response surface
  • Utilization of co-products or wastes into food products
  • Development of disaster foods utilizing indigenous materials


Ph.D. University of the Philippines Los Baños


Number of Publication: 3

Galvez, L. A. (2015). Variety and Sulfite Levels Affect Microbial and Sensory Properties of Dehydrated Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllyus Lam.) During Storage. Annals of Tropical Research, 37(2), 93-103.

Galvez, L. A., & Paloma, L. B. (2013). Consumer – Based Optimization and Product Profiling of Garlic – Flavored Oven-Roasted Peanuts. Science and Humanities Journal, 10, 16-35.

Galvez, L. A., Patindol, R. A., & Mabesa, L. B. (2013). Influence of Variety and Sulfite on Controlling Browning during Storage of Dehydrated Jackfruit (Arthcarpus heterophyllus Lam.) Pulp. Annals of Tropical Research, 35(2), 40-59.