Faculty Profile

Cheryl Batistel


Natural Resources Management

Research Interest

  • Peatland ecosystem studies
  • Decomposition studies
  • Carbon stock assessment


M.S University of Hohenheim, 2008


Department of Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Visayas State University
Baybay City, Leyte


Number of Publication: 3

Dargantes, B.B., Maas, A., Suhamnoto, Y., Wibowo, S.E.K., Huon, T., and Batistel, C. (2014). University initiatives for food and water security in a changing climate. . Sterni, A., Stevenson, L.A., and Tupas, L. (Eds) Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Dargantes, B.B., Batistel, C.C., and Manahan, M.A.B. (2012). Springs of hope: Alternatives to commercialization of water resources and services in Asia. In Alternatives and Privatization in the Global South. McDonald, D., and G. Ruiters (Eds.) Routledge Studies in Development and Society

Batistel, C.C., & Asio, V.B. (2008). Effects of leaf decomposition of selected exotic and native tree species on forest soil quality. Annals of Tropical Research, 30(1), 29-39.