Faculty Profile

Lemuel S. Preciados


International Economics

Research Interest

  • Impact assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • International trade
  • Market study
  • Agricultural production research


M.S International Economics and Finance, University of Queensland, 2015

[email protected]

Department of Economics
College of Management and Economics
Visayas State University
Baybay City, Leyte


Number of Publication: 2

Preciados, L. S., Bulayog, M. S., & Notarte, A. (2013). Ex-Ane Impact Assessment of the adoption of IPM strategies for Mango in Region XI of the Southern Philippines.

Preciados, L. S., Bulayog, M. S., Borines L., & Guadalquever, G. (2013). Ex-Ante Empact Assessment of Phytophthora disease control for Jackfruit in Region VIII, Southern Philippines.