Faculty Profile

Analyn M. Mazo

Associate Professor

Reproductive biology (Gastropods)

Research Interest

  • Reproductive biology of invertebrates
  • Marine resources assessments
  • Invertebrates as indicators of water quality


Ph.D. Marine Biology, University of San Carlos, Cebu

[email protected]

Department of Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Visayas State University
Baybay City, Leyte


Number of Publication: 4

Mazo, A. M., Germano, B. P., & Ilan, A. S. (2013). Spawning period and size at sexual maturity of spider conch, Lambis lambis (L. 1758) (Gastropoda: Strombidae) in selected reef areas of the Visayas, Central Philippines. Silliman Journal, 54(1), 64-76.

Mazo, A. M., Germano, B. P., Melgo J. L. F., & Evangelio, J. C. (2006). Growth, mortality, recruitment and other fishery parameters of the spider conch, Lambis lambis (Linn. 1758) in Guiuan, Eastern Samar and Maasin, Southern, Leyte, Philippines. Journal of Aquatic Sciences, 3, 56-65.

Germano, B. P., Cesar, S. A., Mazo, A. M., & Melgo, J. F. (2003). Inventory of commercially important invertebrates in Leyte and Samar. UPB Journal of Nat. Sci., 8, 247-270.

Germano, B. P., Milan, P. P., Mazo, A. M., & Gerona, N.T. (2000). Species diversity enhancement through structural diversification of unvegetated shallow soft bottoms. Journal of Aquatic Sciences, 1, 1-14.